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CISA Ventures is a family office dedicated to fostering innovation through strategic investments. Our focus resides in supporting technology-driven startups that are poised to disrupt the status quo in industries such as logistics, finance, hospitality, telecom, and healthcare.

Our reach is global, but we maintain a significant emphasis on Latin America. As Limited Partners in the region's leading venture capital funds, our contributions help to accelerate growth and innovation throughout these emerging markets.

In addition to our work with startups, CISA Ventures has a robust portfolio in real estate. We actively invest in and develop projects in both Mexico and the United States, manifesting our commitment to progress and sustainable development in physical spaces as well as digital.

At CISA Ventures, each investment represents more than a financial commitment. It reflects our dedication to the future - a future where technology and creativity merge, providing sustainable development opportunities that extend benefits to all stakeholders.

Our commitment, passion, and strategic approach to investments are what set CISA Ventures apart.